Proyección Marco Input-Output de Cantabria

Proyección Marco Input-Output de Cantabria

Librería R:




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Manual de Cuentas Financieras Trimestrales. Eurostat 2017

Manual d’Eurostat per la sistematització de dades financeres dels governs seguint els conceptes del sistema europeu de comptes ESA2010. “The second edition of the Manual on Quarterly Financial Accounts for General Government provides a detailed insight into the sources and methods used by countries to compile the data on quarterly financial accounts for general government. […]

via Manual on Quarterly Financial Accounts for General Government. 2017 edition — Bloc d’estadística oficial

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EURONA: the Eurostat Review on National Accounts and Macroeconomic Indicators

EURONA is an open access, peer reviewed, scholarly journal dedicated to National Accounts and  Macroeconomic Indicators. EURONA aims at providing a platform for researchers, scholars,  producers and users of macroeconomic statistics to exchange their research findings, thereby  facilitating and promoting the advancement of National Accounts and Macroeconomic  Indicators.

EURONA publishes empirical and theoretical articles within the scope of National Accounts and  Macroeconomic Indicators, as well as articles on important policy uses of these statistics. They  may relate to both users’ and producers’ interests, present subjects of general relevance or  investigate specific topics.

EURONA is non-partisan and applies the highest standards to its content, by emphasising research integrity, high ethical standards, validity of the findings and cutting edge results. EURONA gives room to all viewpoints.

See for more information and for downloading individual articles from each of the issues.

If you wish to submit an article to EURONA, please send it to



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Meeting of the Group of Experts on National Accounts: Measuring Global Production


Meeting of the Group of Experts on National Accounts: Measuring Global Production, room XII

31 May – 2 June 2017

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Forecasting GDP with R and

Es descriuen les eines de programari i les dades per obtenir una previsió del PIB suís. Pel que fa a les dades, les sèries temporals de l’economia suïssa es troben compilades al lloc web privat, “dataseries”: Aquestes sèries es poden descarregar, o importar directament a R amb el paquet de programari “Dataseries”. “The website […]

via Previsió del PIB suís amb R — Bloc d’estadística oficial

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Marco Input-Output 2012 Cantabria

MARCO INPUT-OUTPUT 2012_Presentación

MIO_2012 Hoja Excel

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El PIB en temps real (Airef)

La AIREF, Autoridad Independiente de Responsabilidad Fiscal publicava ahir dia 2/3/2016 les seves dades del PIB espanyol en temps real corresponents al primer i segon trimestre de 2016 i que mostren una tendència a la baixa.

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